Which is the best Pressure Cooker today?

Pressure cooker can be defined as the process of cooking food by using water in a sealed container. Pressure cookers cook food more quickly and also save energy. The pressure is build by boiling water inside the cooker. The stored steam increases the temperature initially. After the food is cooked the pressure is tried to release slowly so that the vessel is opened easily. All types of food can be cooked in pressure cooker. Foods that require steam can also be cooked in pressure cooker. Denis Papin, the French Physicist, invented the pressure cooker which led to reduction in cooking time of food. Large pressure cookers are also called Pressure Canners in US. They have more capacity in them. There are also portable pressure cookers. Portable pressure cookers have three basic components present in them. There are different designs and sizes available in pressure cookers.

The first type is pan shaped pressure cookers. They have metal pan body and can be easily carried from one place to another. They have two handles on opposite ends. This makes it easier in holding it. They have a lid on them along with a locking button that shuts and opens the cap. It has a gasket which airtight the cooker. There are pressure gauge and safety devices present on the lid. Pressure cookers are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum. All the pressure cookers are not suitable for dishwashing. Pressure cookers are cheaper but the aluminum can react to acidic foods. Pressure cookers which are made of stainless steel are of high quality are made of three layers. Pressure cooker that are made up of steel can easily be dish washed but some of the producers recommend their clients to wash the pressure cooker by hand.

There are certain pressure cookers which have non stick interior. The gasket is mostly made up of silicone or rubber material. It seals the cooker and does not allow the steam to go out of the pan. The gasket should be sealed properly, otherwise it could be dangerous. If the pressure cooker is of twist on design, it has slots on the lid. A more modern type of twist on design pressure cookers has more reliable locking features. The other type of gasket is which has centre screw design. This is more of a old design but people still prefer it because of its simplicity and easy usage. Another type is bolt down design which has flanges on bpth sides of lid. These are inexpensive and it can be sealed with cheap gaskets. The fourth is internally fitted lid. It has an oval lid and is pressed outward. The person inserts the lid at some specific position. Conventional pots are comparatively cheaper than pressure cookers.

Top Cookers on the market today

1. Programmable Pressure Cooker Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1


I have always been scared to use a traditional pressure cooker. Ever since I saw news of a woman who accidentally burnt her face because her pressure cooker exploded while she was in the kitchen, Since that day pressure was a haunting experience for me until I bought Instant Pot which is a Programmable Pressure Cooker and has 7-in-1 functions and it which uses the latest 3rd generation technology. IT is a stainless steel pot which is used specifically cooking hard foods. At first I was a little skeptical about buying it. I couldn’t see how this pressure cooker would be any different from the traditional pressure cookers. The first time I used it, it was hard to figure out but one I got familiarized with all the functions cooking in it became easy and peaceful since it has been certified for safety by UL and ULC it has 10 safety mechanisms that protect you while you’re cooking by keeping the pressure in check, moreover it has seven features with 14 pre-installed smart programs for different foods such as meat, soup, steam, slow cook, rice and fermented rice, all my favorite cuisines were just a button away. The best thing I liked about this pressure cooker was that I could make mashed potatoes, without boiling them in water for 50 minutes; instead this pressure cooker enabled me to press a button and be done with mashed potatoes in the period of just 15 minutes. Furthermore it has three adjustable temperature modes. Due to these features traditional and international cuisines that require different temperatures can be cooked with ease.

The 24 hour timer on this pressure cooker automatically keeps the food warm so that you can serve it pan hot whenever you wish to. For breakfast it cooks perfect porridge due to the auto-warm feature.

Holding the temperature of the food also ensures that aroma of the food is trapped in which will make the food more appealing and more delicious. It has become the best kitchen appliance I have ever bought. The slim design and small dimensions makes it easy to wash and store while looking elegant. The best stainless steel body makes sure that it will last a long time and will continue to be a useful kitchen companion for the years to come.

The 3rd generation technology employed by this pressure cooker has a microprocessor that monitors and maintains pressure and the temperature. It adjusts the temperature intensity and the time; it even takes the volume of ingredients into consideration. This pressure cooker has been tested hundreds of times by its makers to ensure optimal effect and consistencies.

Instant pot has made me a happy cook. It has sped up my cooking time by two to six times while being up to 70% more energy efficient than an ordinary traditional cooker. More importantly I feel secure while cooking. Peace of mind is everything and you cannot put a price on it.

2. X-Large Silver power pressure cooker as you have seen it on the TV


Power pressure cooker is made with a newly developed flavor infusion technology. It has a lot of safety features. It has been fully automated and retains nutrients and vitamins among many other wonderful features. When I first bought power pressure cooker I was expecting above average results but once I started to use it, it proved to be a wonderful cooking machine. It took less time to cook food even on the slow cooking mode when I wanted my food to retain its flavor and nutrients.

The fully automated features enabled me to put the ingredients in, set the timer and forget about it until it was fully cooked. This feature proved very useful since I’m a busy mother with three toddlers who need a lot of time. Once the food is done the timer automatically turns off , if you are not planning to serve the food right out then the cooker automatically keeps the food warm and fresh.

It is easy and compatible to tuck away and wash as well. Moreover it is dishwasher friendly and hasn’t lost its luster in the last three months that I have been using it.

When it comes to cooking food power pressure cooker is the best appliance I have ever owned It even cooks my frozen food in just over twenty minutes, without the food losing its taste and flavor. For the kids, I can boil the vegetable and snacks with ease. The best part is with three little children at home, the pressure power cooker is totally safe. There are no chances of an accident due to safety measures.

To tell you the truth, Power pressure cooker has made me a little lazy when I come to cooking food. Since all it takes is push a button and adjusting the timer and your food is done. Due to this reason, I have been using this cooker two to three times every day since I got it. It is a life easing appliance. The best experience that I have had with power pressure cooker when I decided to roast a whole chicken, first thing I did was that I put the oil in the pot and pressed the chicken button. It took almost 5 minutes to turn the chicken golden. I added half cup of water and set the timer to 30 minutes. After setting the timer I went to feed the kids. I returned in around 40 minutes and the chicken was ready. Believe my words; the chicken looked like it came right out of a food commercial. As for the flavor, the chicken was very tender and juicy.

My husband loved the roast and demands that I make it once a week.
Update: lately I’ve been trying different foods in the power pressure cooker so far I found out that it makes delicious beef pot roast and it makes delicious steamed vegetables. I have also tried Chinese dumpling in it and they have been a hit.

3. Electric Pressure Cooker by Cuisinart 6-Quart with Brushed Stainless

When I first read the reviews of this product, I realized that a lot of the reviews said they got the product in a damaged package. Now I have heard from one of my friends that she is really happy with Cuisinart electric cooker. The reviews made me a little doubtful about the product but as soon as I read about the new and improved packaging. I stopped being hesitant and ordered this pressure cooker without doubt.

I am so glad that I took a leap of faith and ordered this product. It has reduced the timing I spend in the kitchen preparing food every day. It would be fair to say that I now spend 70% less time in the kitchen when I am using this produc.t t fits perfectly in the healthy lifestyle of me and my husband since it cooks the food using only steam, while preserving the nutrients, flavor and ingredients.

The food comes out tasting better and healthy for the body. I prepared meals like steamed vegetables, chicken, soup and chili with flavor bursting out of it. The digital display is very easy to rea and contains clear controls and information. It has a digital thermostat that controls and maintains the temperature. Furthermore the pre-temperature settings- browning, low simmering and warming enables the food to be cooked on a required temperature.

The pot this electric pressure cooker features is big enough for a whole chicken roast or 700 grams of meat, once the cooking is done , Cuisinart electric pressure cooker can be cleaned with ease by either a dishwasher or hand. Furthermore the side handles always remain cool and the pot is nonstick. As soon as I come home from work, I just add the ingredients, set the desired timer and leave the food to be cooked on its own while I freshen up and change my clothes. The food is almost always done when I come back in the kitchen. The auto warm feature keeps the food warm until my husband arrives shortly after. Due to this wonderful appliance we enjoy our food together every evening.

When different food craving arise, Cuisinart makes sure that I am able to cook light snacks and quench my cravings as well as ensuring that the food I take is healthy. It has made cooking easy for my husband as well as he had never been a really good cook before Cuisinart pressure cooker arrived at our place.

Since it is just me and my husband at home, it is a great appliance for us which enables me to cook all kinds of food for the two of s it even works well for my husband’s favorite custard and cheese cake. With Cuisinart we are able to experience a healthier and better way of cooking. We both work in the morning and that is why we were in need of a faster way of cooking and Cuisinart pressure cooker has done that for us wonderfully.

4. Secura 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker 6qt, Soup Maker, Rice Cooker, 18/10 Stainless Cooking Pot of Steel, Slow Cooker, Browning/Sauté, Pressure Cooker, Steamer

This machine, the Secure 6 in 1 pressure cooker with electric power supported is basically one of the machines which have all the features including slow cooking, food steamer, soup maker, Saute pan and rice cooker. It has many functions but the touch buttons which are soft and the digital display is what makes this machine very easier to use. This Secura is very important for a busy lifestyle with a whole day timing delay and it can also warm the food with automatic warm function. You can save a lot of time and efforts by cooking food with Secura 6 in 1 Pressure cooker. 

Features of Secure 6 in 1 Electric Pressure cooker:

  • It has 6-Quart multifunction.
  • It Automatically keeps the meal warm
  • 18/10 Stainless dishwasher made of steel cooking pot.
  • It’s safe and also saves a lot of energy.
  • It has a soft digital display which makes it easier to use.
  • Main feature of this machine is that its lid won’t open unless the pressure is released.
  • It also has a touch handles to avoid the burns which is pretty cool.

Secura Electric Pressure does the work as much as 6 machines together. It is easier to use compared to others. All you need to do is press one button and start the button and wait for the countdown to end. You need to hold the exact menu button, give the correct time and then press start. You can set time nearly around ninety nine minutes. There is nothing as high or low pressure settings button. So basically all you cook it goes on same pressure. The least slow cook button can be set up to nine hours. And meanwhile it can cook up to twelve cups of rice. The soup maker has its own preprogrammed temperature and time, so when you push the button it starts. You can sauté and brown foods for about one twenty minutes and then steam them up to ninety nine minutes. The delay can be around twenty four hours. Each cook cycle switches automatically to keep it warm while cooking finishes.

It also comes with accessories which includes the pressure cooker, stainless steel safe dishwasher, cooking pot, rice spoon which helps in cooking and measuring cup. There’s also a recipe book which have 20 different recipes including side dishes, meats, soups, appetizers and sauces. There is also a manual for user that guides the user about the operation and working of the machine.

There isn’t a lot of feedback about this machine yet, but the reviews mostly posted are positive and are really helpful. It’s great for a person who is busy most of the hours in a day. Customers are greatly satisfied with its performance and the stability/reliability of the appliance. The addition and subtraction of the minutes is what makes it special. It is not dangerous at all , it is way better than the old fashioned that were scary when it comes to use. The only caution you have to be is that when you are releasing the pressure you need to cover the steam with some big bowl so that it doesn’t hit the roof.

5. Stainless-steel Cooking Pot/ 6 in 1 Electric Slow Cooker/ Pressure Cooker (8 QT)


This pressure cooker is 6 in 1 cooker with different functions. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer and sauté. It has ten different settings which are programmable. Those settings are shown on the cooker itself. You can set a time by yourself on the cooker from 1 to 99 minutes. It also comes with a stainless cooking pot which is made of steel and it’s removable too. It includes rice scooper, a steam rack and a measuring cup. The cooker’s capacity is 8qt.

The Pressure cooker is very easier compared to the old version of cookers. It has instructions that are easier to follow and you can easily make anything or according to your own taste or need. It also has a feature which manually adjusts the temperature and then you can set the time for food to cook in a specific length. This cooker can also be use for canning. This cooker is the best for the people who need to find something new and easier in their lives. It saves a lot of time and energy to cook food by your own. Just put the FOOD and Ingredients and the MEAL is in front of you by the time you get home back.