Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers are necessary for cooking tasty, hot meals without any kind of stress. These easy going slow cookers save you both energy and time by helping you make delicious foods while you go about your daily cooking routine, with continuous attention and broad readiness that is mostly required for conventional cooking.

These famous slow cookers have all the things that you require to cook mouth-watering foods for your friends and family. Select the arrangement that is suitable for your recipe, add your fixings, and then you can cook it. When you are done with cooking, the keep-warm characteristic will conserve the ideal temperature till you are ready to serve the food and eat. After the meal, the removable ceramic ware and tempered-glass lid goes into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers take the contraption of slow-cooked meals a big pace forward. Innumerable models of slow cookers, like the Stay or Go Slow Cooker, addresses one of your biggest interests that is getting your cooked food to a gathering or party without teasing spills. Even if you normally use your slow cooker at your house, you will be astonished by the appealing figure, easy going specifications and uncomplicated dishwasher cleaning operation that a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker provides you with.

For an individual who has a hectic routine all day, but desires a home-cooked meal at night, the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker is the solution. And with the Set & Forget Programmable Slow Cooker (Also being offered by Hamilton Beach Slow Cookers), innovation takes a huge step further from the old slow cookers found in the old cooking spaces.

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HamiltonBeach 33969A Set ‘n Forget Programmable


Home cooked meals are always better, healthier, and cheaper than tin packed meals or fast food but some people have really busy schedule so they can’t afford to cook meals when they come home back after a long and tiring day. If you are one of those people and miss the delicious yet healthy home cooked meals then you don’t have to worry now because the Hamilton beach 33969A slow cooker can help you out. Whether you want to cook simple meals or the high profile meat dishes, this cooker will help you cook whatever you want without disturbing your busy schedule because it is provided with three best options that are program, probe and manual mode. You do not have to stay in kitchen all the time in order to cook your meal but all you have to do is set the cooker at your desired option and it will cook the meal for you automatically. It has prominent features that make it much better than old fashioned cookers with only manual settings so just go through its qualities, opt for it, and kick out your old cooker to enjoy homemade food even with the tough job.

Salient Features

  • The best thing about this programmable slow cooker is its three easy to operate options that cook meal automatically and does not require the full time presence of the user in the kitchen that is why it is best for those single people who have to go office and have a full time job. You can set the cooker at program mode and it will turn off automatically after the set time so the food will be ready and you don’t have to worry about switching the cooker off. It will not only make the food for you but also serve it hot as it has the option of warming the food if you feed the time at which you want your food to be served.
  • It has a Probe mode to cook meats and you only need to insert the probe and setting the time your roast, chicken or juicy turkey needs to be cooked at hence it can even provide you a fancy dish after the hectic day and you can enjoy the delicious restaurant like meal at home.
  • The cooker gives high, warm and low temperature options to cook meals so you can easily pick one according to the requirements of your food. A control panel is attached to this slow cooker which displays the temperature of food as it cooks while the thermometer probe reads it.
  • The cooking time can be set in the timer of this cooker from thirty minutes to almost 12 hours. You can induce increments after 12 hours.
  • The set n’ forget cooker is also provided with a lock-down lid hence the food cannot pops out from the cooker so it offers healthy and clean cooking.


HamiltonBeach 33565 Simplicity 6-Quart Slow Cooker


If you are fond of hosting get-together, parties or dinners at home with your busy job schedule then all you need to have is the Hamilton beach 33565 slow cooker because it can help you like another chef in the kitchen as you only have to put the ingredients in the cooker and it will do the rest itself so inspire others by maintaining the parties and dinners along with your busy schedule with this amazingly designed slow cooker. Some slow cooker over cook the food even after selecting the temperature wisely but this cooker always give the best meal hence you will not have an over done meal after opening the lid. The gasket and a relief hole in the lid of this slow cooker make it highly recommended as the hole keeps the internal temperature below the boiling point. It is one of the best sized cookers as it can easily hold 4 to 6 pounds chicken or roast which is why it is ideal for cooking during the big dinner or get-together parties in which you have to prepare good enough food. It has best cooking qualities which make it out shine the other slow cookers in the market.

Salient Features

  • As the name shows, this cooker is very simple and easy to use hence its simple programmability makes it a star for beginners or working personnel. All you have to do is enter the desired cooking time and temperature and it will cook the food for you. Even if you are a newbie in cooking you can till prepare mouthwatering dishes for your family with this cooker because you don’t even need to stir the food, just put the ingredients in the crock-pot and enjoy the magic.
  • It has a digital timer installed in it with the + and – buttons and you just have to push these buttons in order to set the cooking time required for your meal to be done.
  • When the set time is up, the cooker switches off the timer and temperature automatically and it gets shifted on the warm mode so that your food remains hot until you serve it.
  • The indicator lights in the cooker indicate the ‘cook’ and ‘warm’ mode so that you immediately come to know the mode at which your food is resting.
  • The cleaning process of the cooker is also very easy and simple because it has removable crock-pot and lid made up of stoneware.
  • If you want to travel your food without spilling out then you must have this cooker as it offers gasket lid, lid latch strap and also the easy-grip handles so cook the food in the kitchen and take it to the dining area or terrace to enjoy your meal according to your mood. It can also help you to take food at picnics or at any other person’s place as it delivers a safe travelling of food.


HamiltonBeach 33249, Stay or Go Slow traveling cooker


This slow cooker is known for its cooking and safe-travelling qualities in a price as low as possible. Those who do not need to cook the meal for so many people can choose it in size 12 qt while the people who have big families or party lovers can enjoy the 16 qt size of Hamilton beach 33249 slow cookers. It is very famous among the users because of its travel friendly design as the easy-grip handles and tightly packed lids make it easy to move from place to place and one can make the most of his or her food at the desired place. The lids and crock-pot contains rubber linings which join the two things together very firmly hence even a single drop of your gravy does not spill out from this cooker so you don’t need to worry about the messiness after preparing a meal. The crock of this cooker is made up of ceramic material which offers a beautiful cleaning and two to three firm wipes clean the cooker easily. It is also categorized under travel friendly slow cookers due to its clip-lock handles and you can also easily lock off the handles if you don’t want them during the cooking. Some best features of this cooker are;

Salient Features

  • It provides three types of temperature settings that are slow, warm and hot so you can easily choose one according to your convenience. What else on earth could be better than a prepared meal after you came back home from office or any other workplace and this feeling is possible to get if you buy this Hamilton beach cooker because it does not need you to be around while cooking the meal because of its temperature modes.
  • To use this cooker all you have to do put the ingredients in the crock-pot, lock the seal. Set the required temperature and enjoy the delicious homey food.
  • Although it looks small in size but actually you can cook the whole chicken in it which is the best thing about this cooker because it does not circle a large area in the kitchen and still work like huge cookers do so don’t worry if you are having guests this weekend, this cooker will help you prepare yummy food for them too.
  • Cleaning process of Hamilton beach cooker 33249 is also very easy as the lid and crock-pot are detachable hence you can wash them easily. You can even use dishwasher for cleaning purpose.
  • The handles provide full grip and there is no any chance of shooting the cooker on the floor while carrying heavy weight meals.
  • Using this programmable slow cooker is also very easy as it does not come with buttons so that you might get confused while choosing them in hurry but there is a cute black clip like rotator beneath the high, low and warm headings at the front of cooker so you just have to rotate the clip to desire mode.



HamiltonBeach 33461 Stay or Go 6-Quart Portable Slow Cook


This Hamilton cooker from their set n forget slow cooker range is like a luxury for those who always want to serve more people at a time. It is best suited for those who always arrange gatherings at their place and also those who have big families. This cooker with its huge crock-pot can cook 6 to 4 lbs chicken, roast or turkey so that you can easily do the decorations and cleaning at home while the cooker is cooking meal for your guests. If you are a mommy of little kids and you can’t afford to be in the kitchen all the time then you have to have this slow cooker because it will cook for you and you will be able to do other stuff. The cooker is wonderfully designed for travel purpose hence the lid locks sealed the lid and crock-pot tightly to ensure a worry-free and non-messy plus clean travelling. The best thing about this slow cooker is its price which is very affordable and seems really less in front of the size of 33461 portable slow cookers. It has certain other qualities which make it your best cooking partner in the kitchen.

Salient Features

  • Due to its amazing lid-lock quality this slow cooker is also known as no-spill travelling cooker so pick this one and travel with the cooker safely from kitchen to the dining area or even to someone else’s place without spilling even a single drop of the delicious gravy you have made.
  • The cooker has three settings which are low, high and warm. High and low settings process food while the warm setting only helps to keep your meal warm until you serve it. It is really helpful because some cookers over cook the food but the warm setting in this one keeps the food warm without over doing it.
  • The lid is completely detachable and dishwasher safe so you can easily wash and clean the lid and crock-pot separately in the dishwasher or manually, according to your preference.
  • Besides the spill-free travelling the cooker also provide you two easy grip handles so that you can hold the cooker while travelling somewhere and you don’t need to hold it with something else as Hamilton has provided a complete cooker set.
  • Older version of this cooker did not have holes in the lid which was a bit painful because of the pressure building inside the cooker but the new and advanced range of this design is provided with two holes in the lid to keep the cooking pressure free and it does not affect the cooking time, taste or the temperature setting at all.
  • It is an advanced cooker with digital timer pad attached on one side and also has touch buttons, which make it stylish and simple to operate, at a time.


Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Programmable Cook


Is there anything better than a slow programmable cooker which can cook for seven or more people at time all by its own? Of course not so if you want to cook magically for so many people at a time then do not waste your time more and pick the SCCPVL610 oval cooker by Crock-pot to meet the need of your cooking requirements. It comes in a beautiful metallic silver grey color paired up with sleek black easy to hold handles and lock to seal the transparent glass lid. Sealing power of the cooker is so nice that you don’t need to pack the food in another container if you are going somewhere with the food and you can easily move with this cooker as it is spill-free plus offers a safe dry travelling. The lid is provided with a slim black handle which helps you to hold it easily during the usage of this cooker. Once the meal is cooked you don’t need to put the whole crock-pot on the table because the cooker comes with wonderful removable stoneware in oval shape which looks as stylish as any other serving dish. It is almost irresistible for those who want a good slow cooker as it has following qualities;

Salient Features

  • As the name says it is programmable which means it permits to set a cooking time from thirty minutes to two hours according to the recipe and your convenience on high or low temperature. Count-down installed in the cooker will count the time while you can rest or do whatever you want because it does not want you to always hang around in the kitchen.
  • The cooker does not switch off once the count-down stops or completes the set time but shifts automatically to the warm mode which keeps your meal warm hence you don’t have to warm the food again before serving.
  • Using this Crock-pot slow cooker is not a big deal and even beginners can use it safely. All you need to do is put the ingredients in the cooker, set it to your desired temperature, enter the time your meal needs to be cooked at and after these simple steps you can even leave the home because it can serve the warm food like a careful mom or a nice host when you come home back.
  • Crock-pot cookers are said to be pretty expensive but the functions they provide totally worth every penny you spend on the cooker.
  • It is added with a modern touchpad which feels like silk under the skin hence the user really enjoys cooking in this prestigious slow cooker.
  • The color, design and shape also matches with almost every type of kitchen anterior so it also gives a lavish look to your kitchen plus the oval removable stoneware when changes into serving dish, compel people to compliment your choice of cooker along with the tasty meal.




In accession to providing advance convenient features, the Set & Forget Programmable Slow Cooker has options for automatic and tension free cooking. The options available are Program, Probe and Manual mode. On hectic days, program the cooking span and the rest of the job is done automatically. The Set & Forget Slow Cooker automatically switches to keep warm when the cooking time is over, in order to keep the food warm. Cooking a big loaf of meat like chicken, pork tenderloin or pot roast? Choose the Probe Mode, fix the required meat temperature and then the Set & Forget Slow Cooker itself keeps the dish warm when the set temperature is reached. For conventional slow preparation of food, manually select the low, warm or high temperature without going for a cooking time.

For easiness, nothing can beat slow cooking. But when the desired thing is to arrange hot meals for gatherings and parties, messes can be a real headache. Because of its travel-friendly nature, messes are not even an issue now. When you are required to take your home-cooked food on the street or road or Highway or a park, this Cooker’s secure lid which is clip-locked has a tight sealing, which ensures that your outfits and your van will arrive without any irritating spills. Its travelling-friendly feature really makes it more impressive.