How to choose the best rice cooker today

Rice cooker is also known as rice steamer. It can be defined as an electrical appliance that is used to boil and steam rice. There are different types of rice cookers. They can vary in shape, size and usage. They can be sauce pans or pots. Mostly rice cookers are of electrical nature. But they can be also gas cookers. All this depends where the cookers are to be used. If in homes then they would prefer electrical. They might also be used in industrial use. With the development in technology, there are also electrical rice cookers. Electrical rice cookers does all the process itself, starting from washing the rice to then end stage of cooking. Electrical rice cookers automatically control the heat and timing of the cooker.

In British Museum, a ceramic rice steamer is displayed of 1250 BC. By using a rice cooker, it does not lessen the cooking time, but gives more accuracy in ingredients, like measuring the rice or putting how much water. Once all the things are put in the rice cooker, then it’s set to cook. Proper full attention is not required then. Some modern cookers have warming mechanism and have heat insulting casing. One benefit of using electrical cookers is that it avoids over cooking; and it also keeps the rice warm till it is served. The time duration required for electrical cookers to cook rice is around 30 minutes to one hour. The time required for cooking rice depends on its quantity and atmospheric pressure.

There are certain rice dishes which cannot be cooked by using the rice cookers. Rice cookers were initially used in Japan. With its success and easy to use, the trend of using rice cookers became widespread and people started using it in western countries as well. They started exporting the rice cookers to rice consuming countries. Rice cookers are mostly manufactured in countries like South Korea, China and Malaysia. The manufactures use aluminum containers for cooking the rice. But some manufacturers also use stainless steel containers. Some of the gas cookers also have electric warm mechanism.

Electric rice cookers are also used for making soups, sponge cakes and stew in Japan. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was the first company to manufacture electric rice cooker. The first electric rice cooker was invented by Yoshitada Minami who was associated with Toshiba corporation. Toshiba Corporation was the first seller of electrical rice cookers in market. They used a double chamber cooking style. The rice was to be put in the rice pot and then the water into the side container. When the water in the pot boiled it the temperature used to ride significantly. When the rice was cooked, the cooker automatically slows down so that burning of food is avoided. Rice cookers are so popular that they are easily found in every home.

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Model Reviews

The Aroma Rice Cooker and Food Steamer review


The Aroma 8 cup rice cooker and steamer is a cooking appliance that every kitchen has to have. Cooking has been made very easy by this machine as one can enjoy the top quality delicious rice made in restaurants at home and also some of the very delectable and nutritious steamed dishes. The Aroma does this all at just one push of a button. It gives the cook plenty of time for doing other stuff out of the kitchen like helping your kids with their school assignments, going out and playing or sitting at home and relaxing with the novel you have been waiting to get your hands on. You can do this all and make hot, nutritious and divine food at the same time that all your family members will love.

The Aroma can very easily cook 2 to 8 perfect cups of any type of rice with specified functions for both brown and white rice. When the rice is cooked completely, the Aroma switches to Keep-Warm mode so there is no need of checking up on it again and again. The Steam Tray of the Aroma can steam any kind of vegetable and meat at the same time as it cooks rice below. The Aroma is also acceptable for soups, oatmeal and many more.

There is a special feature called Delay Timer in the Aroma for people with busy and hectic routines. You can place the rice in the machine before going out and set the Delay Timer to the time when you want it to be cooked so that when you come back home, perfectly cooked rice is ready for you. When the cooking and everything else is done, the cooking pot and other parts of the machine can be removed easily for cleaning.


  • The Aroma has the capacity to hold 8 cups of rice.
  • It can steam vegetables and meat and at the same time cook rice below.
  • Automatic controls like Keep-Warm and other control functions like White Rice and Brown Rice.
  • It is excellent for soups, oatmeal, chili and many more as well.
  • Special feature like Delay Timer.
  • It has steam tray, removable inner pot and lid, measuring cup and a spatula.


The Aroma 6 Cup Pot Rice Cooker and Food Steamer review


The Aroma 6-cup Pot style rice cooker and food steamer is a kitchen appliance that has made cooking very easy. It can make 2 to 6 cups of perfectly cooked classic restaurant taste rice with just one push of a button. It automatically switches to Keep-Warm mode when the rice is cooked completely. This Aroma rice cooker includes a Steam Tray which allows you to steam different vegetables and meat while cooking rice below in the pot at the same time. This useful cooking appliance is also suitable for making other healthy meals like soups, oatmeal, stew and more. One other plus point of the Aroma is that the inner pot and other different parts of this machine can be removed very easily for cleaning purpose. The Aroma rice cooker and food steamer is the perfect cooking appliance for cooking rice and steaming other healthy and delicious meals.


  • The Aroma can easily prepare 6 cups of cooked rice.
  • Steam Tray allows food to steam while rice cooks below in the pot.
  • Automatic Keep-Warm control.
  • Suitable for not only rice but soups, stew, chili, oatmeal and many more as well.
  • The Aroma comes with measuring cup and a serving spatula.

Model No: ARC-743-1NG:

The Aroma is a very convenient and an easy machine for cooking rice. I’ve been thinking about getting a rice cooker but was confused about what model and size to buy. It is great for two people and its food steamer feature is perfect to steam meat or different vegetables. I have made other meals like quinoa and lentils in this machine and had the perfect results. One advise I would like to give here is that; use the Aroma cooker in an open area so that you can easily clean the water splashes and other kitchen appliances and cabinets are safe from the damage that can be caused by the steam. Make lots of rice using this machine but do not steam a lot of things in it, so I would say that it’s a very useful machine as rice cooker. One of the problems I faced in the start when I was buying a cooker was that how to consider the number of cups of rice I will be needing when serving food. What I have concluded now is that about one cup of rice serves around two servings. As I usually eat one serving with every meal, almost another serving amount is left for the next day.

My only one objection about this machine is that there is an exhaust opening on the lid that allows the pot to discharge the boiling pressure inside. But regrettably, it is a hole in the lid that will splash the water out. I generally put another dish for the water that has splashed out or else the place gets all messy with water.

Finally, a pale scorched and burnt plastic smell comes out of the machine when it is cooking rice but I am pretty certain that this smell will go away with a few more uses of the machine. The smell hasn’t affected the taste of the rice I’ve been cooking so it is not that big of an issue. The lid and other parts of the machine come very hot when I’m cooking so I have to wait a minute at least before touching the machine when it has cooked otherwise it can burn someone’s hand.


Aroma digital food steamer and rice cooker review


Having the taste of brown and white rice, hearty soups, healthy steamed meal and stews of restaurant quality can now be served at your own place with the ever new Aroma Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. Without any unbroken process it prepares up to two to eight cooked cups of any type of rice with special functions for brown and white rice. The additional steam tray is for the boiling of vegetables and meat while the rice is cooked underneath for the ease. The adjustable 15-hour delay timer permits water and rice to be added in the morning and then can be programmed to have it ready-to-serve when needed at night. After the cooking is completed, the nom sticking inner cooking pot can be removed for the quick and easy cleaning.

Aroma Digital Food Steamer:

  • You can have perfectly cooked cups of rice through this steamer.
  • Vegetables and meat can be steamed along with the rice cooking below.
  • Flexible easy-to-use digital panels
  • Specialized functions of white and brown rice, with a delay timer function of 15 hours.
  • Extraordinary for making stews, soups and chili and more
  • Carries a serving spatula , steam tray and a measuring cup

If you are a rice lover and tend to eat it more often than Aroma Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer can prove to be your best friend! Uncooked, burnt or hard rice which are not edible would be the last thing you would be wanting; Aroma makes sure that you get to eat perfectly cooked rice. Many cheaper options for cookers are available that can steam or cook your rice but compared to all the alternatives this rice cooker can hold your food up to 15 hours, which is ideal for the ones who eat after coming back home from work.

This cooker is available in a cube box with a handful of worthy information encircling it, asserting that it can easily cook from 2 to 8 cups of rice, and can easily prepare all sorts of other food items like soup, vegetable and much more. Quantity isn’t the issue with Aroma Rice Cooker, talking from my experience of cooking rice for myself, prepping for 1 cup of rice seems to be okay too. There other additional equipments attached too for your ease, when you open the lid of the cooker by pressing the button, you’ll find a plastic tray for veggies and meat, measuring scoops to bring ease to your cooking.

For preparing rice, I put in raw rice in the cup after measuring it. Next I poured water and rinsed it well and added fresh water as per the level written on the bowl. Then simply I placed the bowl in the cooker and pressed the white rice button as per my want, other options are available too for brown or steamed rice. As per your want you can press the delay timer to schedule your meal.


Aroma Pot Style Rice Cooker review


Now having a restaurant quality food each day won’t cost you at all. Enjoy your daily home dishes with the taste of restaurant like food with Aroma cup-6 Pot-Styled Cooker and Food Steamer. Prepare all of this and much more with just a flip of its switch. Aroma converts your kitchen working time into your spare time where you can watch television, spend time with your kids, read your incomplete novel all of it while the cooking of your nutritious and hearty meal for your entire family, revitalizing their buds. Aroma food maker actually extracts the word ‘cook’ from your home cooking.

This easy to use cooker’s compact storage flawlessly cooks 2 to 6 cups of any wide range of rice. As soon as you switch your Cooker by pushing the ‘cook’ the button, your cooking is on its run. Once the rice is cooked perfectly, the aroma cooker will automatically switch to the Keep-Warm setting so there would be no need for keeping a check or do the stirring.

Steaming is the most vital and significant way of keeping your food nutritious and one of the safest means of cooking. It stores in many of the healthy nutrition and protein that are usually drained away with the preparation of different food methods. Steaming stores the flavors without any greasy element, so the food stays healthy and scrumptious. The possibilities just don’t end at this point, this cooker is suitable for chili, oat meals and soups.

Cleaning up this fascinating rice cooker is as easy as making or steaming up your food in it. It can be done easily without taking up your time. When you are done with your cooking, the cooking pot inside and all other things attached to it can be removed easily for a detailed and easy cleanup without occupying you much.


  • A perfect variety of rice ranging from 2-6 cups
  • Processes two works at a time , cooking rice and steaming veggies and meat
  • One-touch away from processing with automatic Keeping the rice warm
  • Great for jambalaya, soups chili, and much more
  • Transparent lid to view your cooking progress
  • Holds a Measuring Cup, steaming tray and spatula used for serving

The moment I used the Aroma rice cooker I knew that thankfully my money didn’t go in vain. This easy-to-use steamer made my life easy. The only work I have to do is measuring the rice first, keeping them in the bowl, putting the container inside the cooker and the fourth and the last step pushing the desired button (white, steamed, brown) as per your want. Once I am done with it, I am off from the rice making work and my Aroma Rice Cooker takes over my kitchen work. Without my monitoring and stirring the rice are cooked perfectly, not even a bit under or over cooked ready to eat.

Aroma Rice Cooker and Food steamer is a complete kitchen ware of making perfect rice.


Oster steamer food steamer and rice cooker review


It might take a lot of dishes to taste of various cultures to make our taste buds understand heterogeneous food and flavors and an easy difference between baked, fried, steamed and toasted food. Making or cooking of food requires a detailed eye, to make it worth eating. Eating and being health conscious are two parallel roads. Who wouldn’t want to discard the unhealthy ingredient from their cooking or diet, such as excessive oil or ghee. Having a bowl of steamed vegetables can be far better than the deep frying food that we usually tend to take. Every household has a steamer as a necessary part of their kitchen appliances for steaming vegetables to gravies. However steaming in a pressure cooker can be a bad choice as it makes the vegetable lose all of its nutrition. Similarly boiling food in water makes all the important nutrition that it carries to drain away. Although steaming is still a better option than frying in oil and restoring the nutritional value of the food.

Oster CKSTSTMD5 is the perfect solution to all the problems. Significant for family meals , with a five quart capacity and an automatic timer set for up to 60 minutes, helps in making a scrumptious meal. A device which you can plug in and leave it isolated for it to carry your job. It also automatically shuts own when the water finishes, also you only have to see it once when the timer is over. The double layer within the steamer allows two layers of food to be steamed in one go, this also cuts down the usage of electricity. Transparent steaming bowls help to see the extent and the content of your cooking and can be measured easily too. Weighing only 1.7kilos Oster is one of the extended ranges of kitchen ware. Steamer would turn out to be a great help for mothers who face trouble in making their children eat veggies or food on time. Oster’s product range from kitchen ware to utensils including ovens, coffee machines etc., a name you can easily rely upon. This company frequently carries out a survey to see the progress of their products and eases the use of the product by bringing in new technologies.

Such products can even be deemed as family products, they can be used to present on house warming parties or festive occasions.
Some of the sites like offers a wide of range Oster products so that you never go wrong with steaming again! .Allowing you to purchase over an affordable price all over the India.

Some details that you need to see before you grab it.

  • A 5 quart capacity along with two transparent steaming bowls
  • An automatic timer of 60-minues
  • On the completion of the cycle it Auto-shuts or when the water is empty or it dries up.
  • The light flashes with the power indicator
  • A Dishwasher safe product
  • Double-tired tray attach for more capacity of food to be steamed in one go.



Rice Cookers are mostly used for making plain or seasoned rice. In some rice cookers vegetables can be steamed. Millions of cookers are produced every month. With the invention of technology, there were also microwave rice cookers. Microwave Rice cookers can be used for cooking for every type of rice. There are also gas rice cookers. These have more capacity and these are mostly used for commercial purposes. They do not require electricity and should be connected to any fuel. The gas rice cookers cook more delicious food and require less time in cooking. If the flame is kept high then it leads to quicker water absorption and are cooked quickly. The final product is better in taste. Electrical rice cookers sometimes result in uneven cooking that may lead in burned rice in worse cases. Rice cookers are part of today’s cooking appliances. It is essential in today’s lifestyle. This is a very convenient way of making rice. Some modern rice cookers provide an option of whole meat preparation in which we can steam vegetables or meat. Desserts and cereals are also prepared in it. The simple method of cooking rice in it is to put the rice and water in it. And then press the buttons accordingly. When the cooker will absorb all the water, it will stop automatically. There are many different brands and sizes available for rice cookers. One type of cookers is Pot Style Rice Cookers. These types of cookers are mostly inexpensive and people can easily afford it. And these are also easy to use. Three to thirty cups of uncooked rice can be put into them. A simple tap on the button allows the cooker to start cooking and then when rice is cooked it automatically stops. They keep it on ‘keep warm’ mode, until they are served. Another type of rice cookers is cool touch rice cookers. Four to ten cups uncooked rice can be put into it.