Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier

Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6.1-Quart Food Steamer, White

We make the decision to eat home-cooked meals because they are healthier, safer and more practical. Whether you want to be really serious about watching your diet or you’re just fond of steamed foods, this electronic 2 tier steamer is great for your indulgence. You can make delicious, fresh and healthy food after shopping at your local grocery store or market, or collect from your own vegetable garden. Use the steamer to prepare different entrĂ©s and side dishes. You can even cook rice and fresh frozen veggies. To cook rice, simply add rice (or other foods with sauce or liquid) to the included 10-cup rice bowl and place it in the lower steaming bowl and cover with the lid. The food steamer will do the job for you.

It has a large 2-Tier Capacity, great for small to bigger gatherings. The two stackable transparent steaming bowls (a large 3-4/5-quart steaming bowl and a 2-2/7-quart steaming bowl) allow you to steam two different foods simultaneously, without any cross-over of flavors. So your party is sure to have variations. This bowl can also be used for cooking up to eight soft or hard-boiled eggs at a time, perfect for packing snacks to go.

All these features can be done super fast and easy with the instant-steam function. The food steamer’s powerful 900-watt heating element quickly heats the water in the reservoir, automatically and instantaneously generating steam. Even more convenient, the control panel has an LCD display with a 95-minute timer, a red “cook” indicator light, a green “keep-warm” indicator light, an audible “ready” signal, and an on-board reference guide that lists cooking times for popular food items.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages to consider according to customers who have used the steamer for a time.


  • Hassle-free – the steamer is very easy to use and is hassle free especially with its digital display. No need to stand and watch to make sure the food is cooked just right. Everything is more accurate with a lot less work.
  • Big capacity – It has a big capacity for saving food during gatherings or parties, or just making packed lunch and snacks for the whole family.
  • Quality – the quality of steamed food is really good, even for vegetables that have just been taken out of the freezer. It’s crisp and delicious, and healthy.


  • Molds – Some customers have noticed the development of molds under the bowl, after some time. This is because of the water that leaks down when speaking. Just make sure to clean it after use.
  • Plastic parts – there are plastic parts that some customers didn’t particularly like, but they are high-quality, bpa free plastic.

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